Music Education & Outreach

In addition to our public concerts, an important part of our mission is to inspire and enrich the lives of every child in our community through access to high quality music appreciation and education.   Music knowledge is essential for students’ social and emotional well-being, and it is a critical tool for establishing equity and access.

With the help of donations from several local organizations and individuals, this year we have outreach assemblies scheduled for the Bonsall School District, and we are planning similar programs for the Fallbrook Union Elementary District.  Our goal is to provide students with an integrated, progressive knowledge of classical and world music, and an understanding of the importance of music in the cultural history and development of the world in which we live.

New this year, we are also serving our community through a newly formed partnership with the Fallbrook Boys and Girls Club at the Ingold location on Ivy Street. We have implemented a student-centric focus on music education through a comprehensive approach that provides music education to underserved youth – from both a volunteer perspective and a music education perspective.  Our program was implemented with a 7-week summer ukulele class, and has been expanded to include voice, piano and guitar instruction for the upcoming semesters.